GCS Risk Management is a trusted provider of risk management solutions, including in-depth financial analysis, predictive scoring, multiple relevant data sets and real-time information to manage counterparty risk.
GCS Risk Management was founded in 1996 to help our customers make sound decisions related to managing the risks of doing business with others. We use advanced technology to deliver a wide array of data, predictive scoring, financial analysis and real-time information to manage customer, counterparty, partner, and supplier risk. We help corporate risk managers assess the probability of financial losses related to the failure of their counterparties (customers, suppliers, vendors, partners) to meet their payment obligations. GCS Risk Management provides the data and software financial professionals need to understand and manage counterparty risk, avoid write-offs, maximize profits and manage acceptable risk.

Initially, we focused on the risks posed by the Retail sector, a sector historically with the greatest inherent risk factors. After our success with the challenging Retail sector, we developed risk assessment models for other sectors. Today, we provide 14 industry-specific scoring models covering all major industry sectors.
A Dedicated Team of Professionals
Our passion for information clearly comes from our experienced industry research, analysis, and management teams. The energy behind the company, the go-the-extra-mile of effort that keeps clients coming back, stems from a unique chemistry among the GCS Risk Management team.
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